Top 10 To-Go Places in Hillsboro, Oregon

Regardless if you are a local, new, or just happen to pass by the city of Hillsboro, Oregon, here are some of the top ten places you shouldn’t forget dropping by to complete your travel experience!

This is one of series of articles dedicated to the home our our new clinic location in Hillsboro!

1. Rice NW Museum of Rocks and Minerals

The Rice NW Museum of Rocks and Minerals is known to house a first-class collection acknowledged as the finest in the Pacific Northwest. It is located at 26385 NW Groveland Dr, Hillsboro, OR 97124. Aside from rocks and minerals, the museum also showcases fossils, lapidary art, meteorites, and gemstones from all over the world.

2. Rollof Farms

Rollof Farms is famous for being the backdrop for several of the adventures and antics of the Rollof family. Located at about 30 miles west of Portland and north of Hillsboro, the farm had frequently been featured in the sought-after TLC reality series “Little People, Big World.”

The farm has many unique structures initially built as a utopian playland to amuse the now grown Roloff children. Throughout the years, the original and equally fanciful new ones have become famous tourist destinations to people who visit the Rollof Farms during Pumpkin Patch Season when it is open to the public every October.

3. Rood Bridge Park

Rood Bridge Park is a 59-acre community park providing a wide range of recreational activities for guests. Its paved paths guide the way through various natural and developed areas of the park. While soft-surface trails lead further into the wooded and wetland parts around the Tualatin River. There are picnic tables and benches all over the park. The tennis courts, playground, rhododendron garden, several ponds and large lawn areas offer a vast range of options for play and relaxation. Rood Bridge Park is located at 4000 SE Rood Bridge Rd Hillsboro, OR 97123.

4. Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve

This 635-acre wildlife preserve is located within the city of Hillsboro, OR. Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve is open to the public and is an ideal place for bird watching, hiking and looking at wildlife in its natural habitat.

Jackson Bottom had always been an extraordinary place. Back then, natives used the fertile bottom lands to hunt and gather food. Now, it serves as a place of reconnection between people, water, and wildlife.

5. Oregon International Air Show

One of Hillsboro, Oregon’s most significant charity event, the Oregon International Air Show promotes aviation, honors military and veterans, and contributes to charity. It usually draws 65,000 people to the airport each year.

Aside from the entertainment, it gives to the residents and visitors, the air show gave back to the community through financial benefits and had donated over $2.12 million, supporting more than six hundred projects since 1988.

6. The Venetian Theater

Formerly known as the Town Theater, the Venetian Theatre is a performing arts venue, movie theater, and restaurant in downtown Hillsboro, Oregon. Located on the Main Street between Second and Third avenues, the building is a multi-use facility including a restaurant and theater.

Built originally as a bank in 1888 then converted into a theater in 1911, the stage shows movies, is a live music venue, presents live performances, and can be a meeting space. The restaurant offers a European menu that includes soup, pizza, sandwiches, and hamburgers that can be eaten in the theater.

7. Hillsboro Tuesday Market Place

Hillsboro Tuesday Night Market Place is a weekly outdoor festivity and family destination during summer. It features a food Marketplace, shopping, and art, live music, farm, international cuisine, local activities and events in Historic Downtown Hillsboro presented for the community by volunteers.

The Hillsboro Marketplace, as a private non-profit organization, offers a free community gathering place featuring:

  • Fresh locally grown produce, plants, and flowers.
  • Foods from local restaurateurs
  • The best local bands and musical entertainment
  • Crafts produced by regional artisans
  • A classic car display
  • Educational and health programs
  • Information from community organizations

8. Hondo Dog Park

As Hillsboro’s first ever off-leash dog park that had opened on September 17, 2007. The park is named after Hondo, a Police K9 Dog Officer who lost his life in the line of duty. Hondo Dog Park features a small dog area, a sizeable mixed-size dog play area, and an exclusive winter use area enjoyable all year-round.

People can visit the park from dawn to dusk every day, just except for Mondays and Thursdays when it’s open from noon to dusk due to maintenance and mowing. The park is designed to be dog-friendly with open grassy areas, dog drinking water stations, trees for shade, and two defunct hydrants installed and painted by volunteers.

9. Hillsboro Ballpark

Hillsboro Ballpark, now known as Ron Tonkin Field, is a baseball park in Hillsboro, Oregon. Its stadium has 3,534 seats with a capacity of 4,500 spectators and is home for the Hillsboro Hops.

The ballpark can be located next to Hillsboro Stadium, a multi-sport stadium owned by the city, with both fields situated inside Gordon Faber Recreation Complex. When not in use by the Hops, Ron Tonkin Field is available for other baseball games, as well as lacrosse and soccer.

10. Smith Berry Barn

Smith Berry Barn is the ideal agri-tourism stop for people visiting Oregon. The farm is known for being the “silicon forest” and has some excellent family farms with hayrides, stores, tours and the like.

The market has varieties of produce, depending on the season. It started out as a u-pick raspberry farm in 1978 and now expanded to a 30-acre family farm offering more than just berries. Smith Berry Barn feels a lot less like a farm, but more of a family enterprise aiming to give people the best, freshest local products possible.

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Ana Lucia Pinheiro
Ana Lucia Pinheiro
02:18 20 Oct 17
This place is amazing. I am so happy I found Stride Strong PT. Alice pays attention to all of the details, she watches every single move I make, my posture, and the way I move through every exercise. She is very knowledgeable, she was able to pin-point the problems in my back and she has a plan to help me become stronger where I need. The place is brand new, huge, and has nice exercise machines. I tried a few physical therapists in the area, and Alice is TOP, second to none, and I feel super lucky to have found her. Highly recommended!!
Prashant Gupta
Prashant Gupta
01:00 02 Oct 17
Dr. Alice at Stride Strong is one of the best PTs I have come across. Her attention to detail and assessment of the root cause of injury is very good. She is excellent in evaluating pain patterns and giving a training schedule for a rehab & injury prevention, she is extremely knowledgeable. I would strongly recommend Stride Strong to anyone looking for PT. It is easily the best PT clinics in Hillsboro area.
steven zollin
steven zollin
20:57 14 Sep 17
Highly recommend Stride Strong Physical Therapy , Alice showed me proper form to assist in recovery with my shoulder and is very knowledgeable.
Lindsay Nied
Lindsay Nied
23:33 18 Dec 17
I recently had a massage from Joel at the Hillsboro location. He was able to work on an ongoing issue I have been experiencing with my back after a sports injury, and I left feeling so much better. The whole facility looked incredible, and everyone I met was friendly and welcoming. I would highly recommend Stride Strong for massage and physical therapy.
JoAnn Hatch
JoAnn Hatch
08:20 08 Nov 17
Dr. Sydney is by far the absolute best physical therapist I've worked with ever! Her expertise in designing highly effective and efficient exercise plans is beyond compare. I feel so much better as my strength and function increases. She comes up with the most brilliant and fun ideas to motivate. To my delight she even offered to come to my home in Vancouver and work with me on my own equipment including a Stott Pilates Reformer. Talk about going above and beyond! Couldn't be more grateful I found her!!!
Clare Perry
Clare Perry
21:58 23 Oct 17
A full hour of a dedicated PT professional's time without aides or techs? That's just one of the things that sets this clinic apart from others. Competent, professional, and amiable, Dr. Alice Holland and her team are the best in the area. While I generally see them at the Cedar Mill Clinic on Cornell, situational constraints took me to their new Hillsboro clinic today near Intel Jones Farm. Beautifully furnished, spacious with easy parking and access. May you continue to grow and thrive, Stride Strong!
Joyce Heideman
Joyce Heideman
08:28 11 May 18
After foot surgery I went to Stride Strong for therapy with Alice Holland. She helped me reach my full mobility again by continuously introducing new and challenging exercises. The entire staff is friendly and professional. They are always on time and do not rush. I look forward to doing 1/2 marathons again and riding my recumbent trike. Thank you Stride Strong for your care and high level of expertise.
Suad Daher
Suad Daher
20:48 28 Feb 18
The best physical therapy ever. Both JP and Sydney were a great PT, they helped me understand how I can help treat my injury and how it may have caused. And also they informed about so many techniques that I can use to help my injuries or any other injuries I get in the near future. They are both friendly and nice to talk too, and verbunformative. And there is also Krystal, she is the best front desk receptionist ever, she is nice and friendly and can easily manage your schedule based on the patients comfort if they want to schedule or not. She can help and she replies fast to any patients email. And she is easy to talk to. Thank you Stride Strong Physical Therapy.
Amanda O'Rourke
Amanda O'Rourke
21:38 15 Jun 18
In just a month I've seen great progress! I've been incorporating the exercises taught to me into my daily workout routine. Im very happy with my continued results.
Albert Szal
Albert Szal
23:43 10 Jun 18
Mary Szal here: I've had three sessions with Brittany at the Hillsboro location. I can say that she has been the most effective and instructive physical therapist I've ever experienced. Her personality, energy, knowledge and results are top notch.
Osa Phiangdae
Osa Phiangdae
00:05 22 Mar 18
Awesome place for PT. Hillsboro location has plenty of parking and very spacious. I had the pleasure to work mostly with Dr. Alice Holland and JP. I came in with a shoulder injury and thank goodness they understood what I was going through. They are the best of what they do, I would recommend Stride Strong to anyone who needs PT.
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