Favorite Physicians

Q&A with Dr David Westerdahl MD

Dr Westerdal is a sports medicine physician at Sports Health Northwest and treats active patients who have injured themselves in all types of sports. His practice sees numerous patients who

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Q&A with Dr Kathy Alvarez, MD

Dr Alvarez is a family physician at Greenfield Health and practices both in their east- and westside clinics. Stride Strong PT has been a long-time supporter of Dr Alvarez, dating

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Kathy Alvarez
Q&A with Seth Merritt, FNP

We first met Seth Merritt in 2012, as we were opening our first clinic in Sellwood. At the time, he was a lone practitioner but grew his practice to include

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Seth Merrritt
Q&A with Dr Kimberly Workman

Q: Your interest in orthopedic surgery started from an early age from watching your father establish an orthopedic clinic. Tell me more about that! A: We lived in South Africa when

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Dr Kimberly Workman