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If you are looking for elbow pain treatment in Hillsboro or Beaverton, the information below will help you make a better decision, as well as help you avoid unnecessary and expensive healthcare treatment.

With all of the sports and work activities out there that require arm and hand movement, it is not surprising that arm injuries occur quite frequently in the population. From typing, to massaging; from industrial work, to racquet sports, we use our arms and our hands so frequently during our lives. A small injury, such as tendonitis, can cripple us in our activities because most times the arm pain will spill into another daily activity - such as teeth brushing and feeding.

Upper arm pain or arm numbness is very common when you have tendonitis or a pulled bicep or tricep. Left arm pain can be the result of multiple ailments, the most serious being a possible heart issue. So, if you are experiencing left arm pain please consult with your doctor immediately. But, if your pain is in the right arm then you can consult one of our physical therapists for treatment today.

Our Portland physical therapy clinics are staffed with arm injury therapy specialists and equipment to treat all arm injury pain.

Therapists treating tennis elbow

Tennis Elbow Therapy

A patient need not be playing tennis to get tennis elbow. The condition occurs when excessive strain has been given to the forearm extensor muscles and tendons. The lower arm pain can start in the forearm muscle belly, but can also begin on the outer aspect of the elbow. Thankfully, physical therapy is very effective in calming down tissue and tendon pain, and rarely does the patient need further intervention. (In chronic cases where the inflammation is stubborn, and the extensor tendon is damaged extensively, cortisone injection and surgery may be needed for full recovery.)

Most tennis elbow injuries begin because of over-gripping or overloaded wrist-twisting. This can happen at the workplace, while typing on the computer, or through racquet sports. Physical Therapy treatment includes soft tissue mobilization, cold and heat therapy, and gradual grip strengthening and wrist strengthening. Resistance training of proximal muscles such as the shoulder and upper back muscles also help offload the wrist muscles significantly by establishing a stable and strong base for upper extremity activities.

Stride Strong Physical Therapy has extensive experience treating arm injuries. We believe strongly in arm injury therapy, the healing power of strengthening and exercise, which is the crux for majority of arm injuries.

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Last Updated: March 5, 2020

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