About Us

Pain with Stairs

Our Philosophy

Stride Strong Physical Therapy’s philosophy is to give our patients the service that they deserve. This means delivering the time to attend to every one of our patients’ needs – from healthcare and physical therapy services to insurance and billing... because to us, our patients are our family.

Our Promise

We hold a very high priority with each of our patients to educate them about their condition. We make it a point to deliver the exact cause of their pain, descriptions of our treatment and their prognosis with physical therapy.

Our promise for unparalleled dedication and attention also extends to our administrative services. We walk our patients through every step of their health insurance process and promptly attend to each individual case personally.

All of our Physical Therapists and Administrative staff are readily reachable by email, so we hold our promise to be with you every step of the way.

Our Physical Therapy Treatments

Here at Stride Strong, we excel in Movement Analysis. This is very important in healing our patients because injuries are often the result of biomechanical and postural faults that over time, cause chronic conditions like arthritis and joint pain. A combination of manual and exercise therapy is delivered to help our patients break their pain cycle, but we always make it a point to revisit our patients’ movement and posture with a discerning eye so we know we are enacting a permanent change. (Our Gait Analysis is one such example)

All of our physical therapists have a strong belief in exercise being medicine – but only the exercises that are controlled, targeted, and specific to the injury have the power to heal. Therefore, Stride Strong patients will never be shuttled off to an assistant or aide and will always be closely guided by their PTs to make sure all therapies are done accurately and progressed specifically.

In addition to manual therapy and exercise physical therapy, we employ several other modalities, such as ASTYM, iontophoresis and kineseotaping, to help assist patients in their recovery. These modalities may be sought out specifically by physicians because of their clinical efficacy in treatment.

Last Updated: May 19, 2022