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Have a running injury? Consider Physical Therapy for Runners. Injured runners are able to receive the same services below and be covered by insurance.

Tune-Up Your Run

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy take you through a comprehensive evaluation of your strength, flexibility, and running mechanics to see where things are going wrong in your run. Our Portland Clinics are equipped with stationary dual-camera video, computer analysis and running gait analysis, we identify your areas that are prone to breakdown and teach you ways to prevent and treat running injuries. We teach you how to improve your strength/endurance deficits, treat muscle strains, correct your running form and arm you with a Home Exercise Program tailored to you. Call us at (503) 208-6278 to answer any questions or schedule a Running Clinic Package!

Why do I need this?

Like doing any repetitive activity, the human body can only take so much impact before it starts to break down. This usually occurs slowly and gradually as the body makes compensations to avoid pain and keep running. However, these compensations are often detrimental to a runner’s form and causes even more problems to develop. Oftentimes, the answer is a few stretches and exercises, the RIGHT shoes, or some manual therapy to pull you out of the pain-and-compensate cycle. But figuring that out is the toughest part – and that’s why we’re here.
Video Gait Analysis The human eye can view samples of movement at roughly 16 samples/second. Most lower extremity injuries happen at the midstance to terminal stance part of the gait cycle. This period typically happens 50 msec after initial contact of the foot to the ground. In order to accurately diagnose your deficits we need to be able to see them occur and unfortunately the human eye can only see samples of movement at 62.5 msec intervals. At Stride Strong PT our dual digital cameras record you and slow your gait down to 16.7 msec intervals between movement samples, ensuring that we don’t miss a single thing in your gait. We also utilize state of the art software to measure and record angles of movement. We can also put several videos next to each other so we can compare your progress across time and across different footwear. A Stride Strong Video Gait analysis is an excellent component of a running training program. For more information on what we can capture click here.

Pricing and What You Get

$150 for a 60 to 90-minute Evaluation
  • Muscle strength testing
  • Flexibility testing
  • Balance and functional screening
  • Treadmill 2-view Gait Analysis
  • Comprehensive Physical Therapy report for reference
  • Shoe wear recommendations tailored to your running gait
  • Manual therapy (if needed and if time remains)

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Last Updated: January 20, 2020

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