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Basketball injuries typically involve the lower extremity as the sport demands a great deal of ballistic running, jumping and landing.  Basketball injuries range from acute sprains that happen during gameplay such as falling, sudden changes in direction or impact with other players. Chronic injuries with basketball also occur such as knee pain and lumbar strains from overuse and overtraining. Up to 67% of basketball injuries are incurred in the lower extremity during practice.

Following are the most common injuries from basketball that our Stride Strong physical therapists can treat:

  • Foot and Ankle sprains from cutting and landing
  • Knee pain and patellofemoral pain from acceleration and landing
  • Non-contact ACL tears from sudden changes in direction
  • Lumbar strain from landing and impact
  • Shoulder strain and instability

Prevention and Treatment of Basketball Injuries

Treatment of basketball injuries involves a comprehensive evaluation by our physical therapists on the players' training and competition level, and the movements that affect the patients ability to continue playing. Players' form is analyzed, as is their strength, flexibility and dynamic movements to assess causality of their injury.

Manual therapy such as joint work, tissue mobilization and massage is administered, followed by targeted exercises that hone in on the player's weaknesses in movement. Progressive exercises that challenge the player's dynamic strength (core control, proprioception, speed, strength, endurance and agility) are given so we can test and ensure our patients make a full return to sport without the chance of re-injury.

Scientific studies have shown that prophylactic programs of proprioceptive and neuromuscular training can significantly reduce risk of ankle sprains and lower extremity injuries. Such programs are incorporated into our physical therapy treatments so basketball players attain the most effective rehabilitation, even addressing strength deficits that could affect future sport longevity and health.

Our Physical Therapists who treat Basketball Injuries

Dr Brian Blevins PT, DPT in the Cedar Mill clinic is our Clinic Director has had played basketball all of his adolescent and adult life, playing for Westview High. Brian is also a sports physical therapist at our Beaverton location.

Dr Curtis Borchardt PT, DPT played for Stanford University in his college years and has played for Utah Jazz and Boston Celtics in the NBA, then Spanish League Granada at the end of his basketball career. Curtis comes with decades of experience in basketball play and basketball-related injuries, and understands intimately the demands on the basketball athlete. Curtis treats out of our Hillsboro clinic.

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Last Updated: August 27, 2019