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  • Stride Strong Physical Therapy | Portland OR
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How Hillsboro, Oregon Commits to a Sustainable Environment

Sustainability had always been a necessity to humanity. With the emerging changes in the environment, adaptation to survive is a must.

This is one of series of articles dedicated to the home our our new clinic location in Hillsboro!

In the city of Hillsboro, Oregon, the council, along with its residents, are committed to making efforts in achieving a sustainable future. The end goal is to provide a satisfying and healthy work environment for its citizens while reducing its impact on the physical nature of the community.

Hillsboro Sustainability Task Force

The Hillsboro Environmental Sustainability Plan (ESP) symbolizes a significant milestone in Hillsboro’s history, creating measurable, attainable long-term environmental aims and indicators in energy, waste management, and resource conservation.

The driving force to create the ESP came from the Hillsboro community itself and identified it as a top priority in 2010. After two years, the Mayoral-appointed Hillsboro Sustainability Task Force was established to develop the plan.

The task force continues to supervise the execution of the Environmental Sustainability Plan, including giving support to its community partners, yearly reporting progress, and adapting to changes.

Air Quality

The air quality in Hillsboro doesn’t always meet the health-based federal standards, particularly in winter. Hence, to protect its residents, the Hillsboro City Council passed an ordinance to reduce wood burning during times of weak air quality periods and to alleviate yard debris burning.

The primary source of very fine particulate emissions (PM2.5 pollution) is residential wood burning in fireplaces and woodstoves. Other causes include prescribed forest burning, yard debris burning, cars and trucks, road and construction dust, and commercial boilers.

The PM2.5 pollution is regulated to certify that the allowed levels are not exceeded so that the whole community is not exposed to the risk of health impacts like asthma, pulmonary and respiratory conditions.

The wood smoke ordinance allows Hillsboro to communicate an everyday color-coded air quality advisory between November 1 and March 1.

Green signifies that the air is healthy. There shall be no restrictions. Yellow states that the air quality is unhealthy for sensitive groups. There will be voluntary limitations on a wood stove and fireplace use. If it goes red, it also means that the air is unhealthy, but there shall be a strict restriction on fireplace and wood stove use unless exempted.

Solid Waste

There are six private collection companies (also known as haulers) providing solid waste and recycling services in Hillsboro, Oregon. Franchise details are all provided in the Hillsboro Municipal Code section 6.08. Every hauler supplies services to a particular geographic area of the city.

The impetus of the franchise system is to guarantee that all residents and businesses are charged with similar rates for services, regardless of where they live or work.


Along with sustainability comes the importance of recycling. This helps preserve resources available and reduce the impact of processing these resources on our planet.

In the city of Hillsboro, it’s not enough to just recycle but recycle the proper way to make the efforts count.

As enticing as it can be to automatically place a clamshell container, plastic deli tray, and other items marked with recycling symbols in with your mixed recycling, it’s vital to only put appropriate materials in your curbside roll carts and recycling bins.


Working together to provide a sustainable future for the residents of Hillsboro, Oregon offers a meaningful and positive impact on the community and plays a vital role in its city’s program’s success.

Help make the city a better place to live, play and work by volunteering now!

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

Electric vehicles are a hundred percent eco-friendly because they are powered by electrically powered engines. It doesn’t emit smoke or toxic gases in the environment for it runs on a clean energy source.

In the year 2009, Hillsboro installed its first of 35 EV charging stations downtown. If you happen to have an electric vehicle and need to charge, there are several chargers and sites to choose from.

Solar Energy

The primary Hillsboro Solar Advantage starts with job opportunities. As being home to the largest solar panel manufacturer in the U.S., Hillsboro has an edge in the New Energy Economy. Aside from employment perks, the city’s use of solar energy provides its citizen a renewable energy source - the sun.

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