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Home Exercise Program For Older Adults

Stride Strong PT and PT Solutions have devised this booklet, Home Exercise Program For Older Adults, to help patients grow and maintain their fitness while in quaratine. We understand this

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Home Exercises for Older Adults
Nextdoor’s 2020 Neighborhood Favorite

A big THANK YOU to all of our neighbors who voted for us as their neighborhood’s favorite Physical Therapy clinic! (Click here to be directed to Nextdoor link) Also another

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Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite
Q&A with Dr Kathy Alvarez, MD

Dr Alvarez is a family physician at Greenfield Health and practices both in their east- and westside clinics. Stride Strong PT has been a long-time supporter of Dr Alvarez, dating

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Kathy Alvarez
Is Your Face Mask Protecting You?

            There are a lot of 2 and 3 ply face masks sold online, but be sure you are using one that protects you more

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Q&A with Seth Merritt, FNP

We first met Seth Merritt in 2012, as we were opening our first clinic in Sellwood. At the time, he was a lone practitioner but grew his practice to include

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Seth Merrritt
Q&A with Dr Kimberly Workman

Q: Your interest in orthopedic surgery started from an early age from watching your father establish an orthopedic clinic. Tell me more about that! A: We lived in South Africa when

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Dr Kimberly Workman
Quarantine Workout At Home

Much of us are working from home now with the Covid-19 pandemic, but exercise and health should still play an important part of your daily routine – so here is

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Quarantine workout
Neck Posture & Neck Pain

There are huge links between your neck posture and neck pain. In fact there are the 3 commonly-seen ways people are hurting their necks and causing their symptoms of neck

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neck posture neck pain
Working From Home Amid COVID-19

One of the pivots our society has had to make amid the COVID-19 crisis was the switch from our predictable and efficient work-desks at the office to less predictable, sometimes

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Working from home
Vote For Us!

Vote for us as your Neighborhood Favorite Medical Professional! Every year, Nextdoor, the neighborhood hub, hosts local business awards called Neighborhood Favorites where neighbors vote on their favorite local businesses

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