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Treadmill Running vs. Ground

When the temperatures drop, some of us start taking our running training inside on the treadmill. But do you ever wonder whether it would be the same workout as you

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To Ice or Heat

Home remedies are often the quickest way to get natural relief after an injury. Here, we walk you through when to use heat and when to use ice therapy, and

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Office Ergonomics

A lot of us sit at our workdesks for greater than 6 hours a day – so much sitting that we end up molding our bodies into our chairs. Here

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Hip Flexor Strain Rehab, Recovery, and Treatment

Hip flexor strains are very common with runners who run long distances and those who run hills. Being the primary muscle group that drive the leg forward with each stride,

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Selecting Running Shoes

To learn more about running shoes I went to Robb Finegan, co-owner and footwear buyer of Fit Right. I came away with a WEALTH of knowledge and a better appreciation for

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IT Band Syndrome Treatment | Hillsboro & Beaverton

So what causes IT Band Syndrome? When the striding leg lands on the ground during running (or walking), the body weight force vector is on the inside of the leg.

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IT Band Hillsboro & Beaverton
Osteoarthritis and Running

Debunking the myths One would think that running, especially long-distance running, would cause an increase in risk for osteoarthritis (OA) later in life. This notion alone is enough to scare

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Healing Mindset

I have had the pleasure and honor to be physical therapist to many folks, athletes and non-athletes alike.  Through my years of experience helping patients from different levels of injury

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Muscle Spasms

What causes muscle spasms and knots? There are many causes for muscle spasms - the ones most often seen in physical therapy are those that arise from trauma, guarding, poor

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Lower Back Pain Relief and Treatment In Hillsboro & Beaverton

Stride Strong PT's Formula If you are looking for lower back treatment in Hillsboro and Beaverton, the information below will help you make a better decision as well as help

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Lower Back Pain
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