Questions and Answers

What do I wear to Physical Therapy?

It's best to wear clothing you can sweat and move comfortably in. If you're having knee issues, make sure you bring shorts. We have restrooms conveniently located so you can change into your workout gear. Also, remember to wear closed-toed athletic shoes as you might be doing some dynamic activities in therapy.

How long is each session?

About an hour. Your physical therapist can give you a more precise time expectation depending on your needs, which will all be determined at your Initial Evaluation.

What can I expect on my first visit?

At your Initial Evaluation, your physical therapist will interview you to gain an understanding of your condition and your goals. We will take a few measurements of range of motion, and some manual tests to better help us design your Plan of Care. Expect to go home with a set of Home Exercises to get you started on your therapy. Remember - your key to a successful rehabilitation is your consistency in your home program!

Will physical therapy hurt?

Our goal is to not aggravate your existing condition and pain during our treatments. However, there is always a degree of muscle soreness associated with strengthening exercises but the 'pain' from this should be different from your original pain, and should not last longer than 48 hours. There are also some manual and stretching treatments that will cause discomfort, but this discomfort is usually due to tight muscles and underlying scar tissue that needs to be mobilized in order for you to improve. That being said, though, we always make it a point to respect your level of tolerance - so don't hesitate to let us know how you feel - we're partners in this together!

Do I need a doctor's referral to come to you?

No. In OR, a physical therapist is allowed to treat a patient for 60 days without a referral. However, your health insurance company may have their own set of rules and restrictions, so be sure to contact them (or call us if you're not sure) before coming in. Once the 60-day window expires, we send a progress note to your physician to let him/her know your status and they will in turn let you know of their recommendations regarding physical therapy.

I love you guys! Can I keep coming to you even after my issue is resolved?

Yes, you can! We offer training programs and maintenance programs to keep you healthy, limber and strong even after your rehab is done. However, we cannot bill your insurance for your training sessions as they only cover Physical Therapy for medical necessities.

Do you ONLY treat runners?

No, not at all, Stride Strong's expertise in treating runners is very complementary to treating overall gait dysfunctions, lower extremity issues and a variety of sports. Our clinic is designed for all ages and abilities!

Can you treat upper extremity issues and low back pain issues as well?

Yes - we have equipment, knowledge, experience and training for treating shoulder and spine issues. We're experts in lower body mechanics but we're not limited in our scope of knowledge. Fact: Back pain is very much related to glute and leg weakness. Performing a proper lift needs strong legs to support the weight!