SI Joint pain | Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction Treatment and Exercises

Stride Strong PT’s Formula

• Determine origin of pain: low back or SI Joint – which would determine course of manual therapy and joint therapy.

• Joint manual therapy to improve symmetry the immediate core strengthening with progression to maintain symmetry, alignment and posture.

• PT guidance and recommendations to alter postures in sitting, standing and bad computer workstation ergonomics that exacerbate the pain.

SI Joint Pain and Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

The Sacroiliac (SI) joint is the joint between your sacrum and your pelvis bone. The SI joints need to hold up the entire weight of the body, waist-up, and can have large amounts of stress on them with prolonged walking, standing and running. It is not a joint that moves as much as the hip or the spine, but it does have minute degrees of motion. Hence, it could “get stuck or jammed” from doing certain activities: landing on one leg too hard after a jump or leap, falling or landing a foot in a ditch while running, falling on one side of your hip. Prolonged, poor sitting posture (slouching!) can also cause it, as can pregnancy hormones and childbirth.

Here is what to look for:

  • One-sided pain in the buttocks and/or belt-line area
  • Aching or pinching pain at the SI joint
  • Pain worse with prolonged driving/sitting, prolonged standing. Pain is alleviated with walking/running/being active
  • Tightness and/or pain in low back muscles of the same side
  • Hamstring tenderness
  • Numbness/tingling sensations resulting from Sciatica

Here is what you can do:

  • Heat therapy if you feel that your muscles are tight and in spasm; place them around the area that feels tight
  • Cold pack therapy if you feel the joint is aching as this could be a result from inflammation
  • Avoid slouch-sitting and put a cushion at the small of your back for support (this could be done in the car also)
  • Sit up, stand and walk straight with good posture and avoid activities that involve stooping over (washing dishes, gardening) or leaning to one side while sitting (e.g. leaning on the center console in your car)
  • See your Physical Therapist if issues don’t resolve

Here is how Physical Therapy can help you:

  • Manual therapy to correct joint alignment of the pelvis, and soft tissue massage to the muscles that are tense and in pain
  • Proper abdominal and hip strengthening exercises to make sure the corrected alignment stays
  • If the joint is inflamed, an anti-inflammatory patch is very helpful
  • Proper posture coaching so you don’t continue to strain your SI joint

By Alice Holland, DPT.
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Ana Lucia Pinheiro
Ana Lucia Pinheiro
02:18 20 Oct 17
This place is amazing. I am so happy I found Stride Strong PT. Alice pays attention to all of the details, she watches every single move I make, my posture, and the way I move through every exercise. She is very knowledgeable, she was able to pin-point the problems in my back and she has a plan to help me become stronger where I need. The place is brand new, huge, and has nice exercise machines. I tried a few physical therapists in the area, and Alice is TOP, second to none, and I feel super lucky to have found her. Highly recommended!!
Prashant Gupta
Prashant Gupta
01:00 02 Oct 17
Dr. Alice at Stride Strong is one of the best PTs I have come across. Her attention to detail and assessment of the root cause of injury is very good. She is excellent in evaluating pain patterns and giving a training schedule for a rehab & injury prevention, she is extremely knowledgeable. I would strongly recommend Stride Strong to anyone looking for PT. It is easily the best PT clinics in Hillsboro area.
steven zollin
steven zollin
20:57 14 Sep 17
Highly recommend Stride Strong Physical Therapy , Alice showed me proper form to assist in recovery with my shoulder and is very knowledgeable.
Lindsay Nied
Lindsay Nied
23:33 18 Dec 17
I recently had a massage from Joel at the Hillsboro location. He was able to work on an ongoing issue I have been experiencing with my back after a sports injury, and I left feeling so much better. The whole facility looked incredible, and everyone I met was friendly and welcoming. I would highly recommend Stride Strong for massage and physical therapy.
JoAnn Hatch
JoAnn Hatch
08:20 08 Nov 17
Dr. Sydney is by far the absolute best physical therapist I've worked with ever! Her expertise in designing highly effective and efficient exercise plans is beyond compare. I feel so much better as my strength and function increases. She comes up with the most brilliant and fun ideas to motivate. To my delight she even offered to come to my home in Vancouver and work with me on my own equipment including a Stott Pilates Reformer. Talk about going above and beyond! Couldn't be more grateful I found her!!!
Clare Perry
Clare Perry
21:58 23 Oct 17
A full hour of a dedicated PT professional's time without aides or techs? That's just one of the things that sets this clinic apart from others. Competent, professional, and amiable, Dr. Alice Holland and her team are the best in the area. While I generally see them at the Cedar Mill Clinic on Cornell, situational constraints took me to their new Hillsboro clinic today near Intel Jones Farm. Beautifully furnished, spacious with easy parking and access. May you continue to grow and thrive, Stride Strong!
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