IT Band pain is a very common leg injury ailment we see at Stride Strong. So what causes this annoying ailment? When the striding leg lands on the ground during running (or walking), the body weight force vector is on the inside of the leg. This means the moment on the body is to collapse inward. To counteract this moment, the body utilizes its lateral structures (gluteus medius, IT Band, back muscles, sometimes lateral quad and hamstring) to READ MORE [...]
Debunking the myths One would think that running, especially long-distance running, would cause an increase in risk for osteoarthritis (OA) later in life. This notion alone is enough to scare a lot of runners from continuing on with their running career. Research shows this is a myth. MYTH #1: Running causes OA Research shows that OA frequency in the running population and non-running population are equal. There is also no difference between READ MORE [...]

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