Stride Strong PT’s Formula • Delineate offending structure and determine whether pain is truly plantar fasciitis, or neurodynamic dysfunction originating from the spine. • Manual therapy, stretching and ASTYM to improve soft tissue pliability and decrease pain. • Strengthen gluteal muscles for better loading mechanics during weight-bearing to offset pressure into the foot. • Taping, orthotics guidance with concurrent modalities to decrease READ MORE [...]
What is knee pain? Knee pain is either caused by disease or injury. The resultant pain can restrict range of motion and can quickly degrade strength in the knee and leg by non-use. The most common disease to affect the knee is osteoarthritis - which is a wearing down of cartilage in the knee. Osteoarthritis commonly results in pain and swelling in the joint. Knee injuries can occur by way of direct or sudden forces at the knee that strains the READ MORE [...]
Stride Strong PT’s Formula • Manual therapy to improve spinal joint mechanics and symmetry. Manual stretching and soft tissue release to address muscles spasms and pain. • Increase core strength and stability with gradual progression in difficulty and dynamics. • Posture coaching for activities in sitting, standing and walking.   Nearly everyone has been plagued by low back pain at some point in their lives. Reasons can stem from READ MORE [...]

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Ross B.'s Review Ross B.
5 Stars

Dr Alice Holland has totally fixed up my messed up shoulder. She is the second physical therapist I've seen for it and while there was no improvement with...

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Star J.'s Review Star J.
5 Stars

Could not have had a better PT experience! Paul Murkai worked with me for over 6 weeks, helping me to regain ankle and hip flexibility after recovering from...

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Angeli S.'s Review Angeli S.
5 Stars

I have been dealing with IT band syndrome for 2.5 years now, and haven't had any luck getting back to running. I've been to other clinics in the past to no...

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