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Stride Strong Physical Therapy provides outpatient physical therapy for patients suffering from orthopedic and musculoskeletal injuries. Our physical therapists are well versed and well experienced in treating patients who are recovering after orthopedic surgeries and we work closely with the physician to make sure all protocols are adhered to and that the patient makes the smoothest progress.

In addition to post-surgery rehabilitation, we also focus a large part of our efforts in healing the injured athlete before surgical intervention is needed. We strongly believe that strengthening the body and guiding the body through muscle adaptation will allow the patient recover from minor sprains and strains, preventing further re-injury and potentially the need to go under the knife.

Stride Strong Physical Therapy boasts a remodeled ballet studio with a basement private treatment room. The clinic is conveniently located near Bales supermarket on Cornell Rd, just 10 minutes north of the center of Beaverton.

Our Beaverton clinic is in the Cedar Mill neighborhood near Bales supermarket. As with all Stride Strong Physical Therapy locations, this clinic boasts:
  • One-on-one Appointments with a Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • A Full Gym with the Latest in Equipment
  • Morning and Evening appointments
  • Email accessible therapists

Beaverton Physical Therapy Clinic

Address: 12849 NW Cornell Rd, Portland, OR 97229

How to find us: We are located on Cornell between Murray Blvd and Saltzman Rd – just West of the Bales Thriftway.
(For full directions from your exact starting address, please click on this location’s map at the bottom of the page.)

Phone: (503) 208-6278


Monday 8:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tuesday 8:00 am – 7:00 pm
Wednesday 8:00 am – 7:00 pm
Thursday 8:00 am – 7:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

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Driving Directions from Nearby Cities & Neighborhoods to our Beaverton Clinic

Our Physical Therapists Treat Many Common Injuries

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are experts when it comes to exercise therapy. We believe strongly in the power and healing ability of exercise and strengthening. Too often, in our daily lives, we have been subjected to sitting and sedentary lifestyles that are not conducive to building strong and healthy bodies. Much of the common ailments are actually caused by this inactivity: low back pain, knee pain, and rotator cuff injuries. Our physical therapists will not only prescribe exercises, but, they also closely guide the patients as they perform them, to make sure form and technique is not compromised and the maximum healing effect is attained.

Back Pain Therapy

Back pain is one the most common pains that bring patients to visit the doctor, miss work, and skip sports. This type of pain is also one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. Because of how much we use our backs for almost every activity we do (walking, standing, sitting upright, lifting, carrying) it is no wonder that pain and discomfort in our spines would cause us to halt most of our activities.Back Injury Treatment in Beaverton

  • Herniated Disc & Bulging Disc Therapy


  • Pinched Nerve in Back

  • Sciatica Treatment

  • Upper, Middle, and Lower Back Therapy

  • Whiplash Treatment

Neck Injury Pain Treatment

Neck injury pain can be a result of many different conditions like a pinched nerve, soreness from whiplash, or even from just sleeping incorrectly. Most neck pain is NOT caused by a serious disease and there are a variety of clinical tests and prediction rules to determine the most likely cause of the neck injury that will point us in the right direction.

  • Pinched Nerve in Neck

Leg Injury Treatment

Leg injuries are very common in the US population simply because we are largely a sitting society. A lot of time is being spent in a seated position – whether during work, in the car, or when relaxing and socializing – almost all activities are spent in a chair. Over time, muscles of the leg become atrophied from non-use and muscle strength will get gradually reduced.Leg and Knee Injury Therapy in Beaverton

  • Knee Injury Treatment and Total Knee Replacement Therapy

  • Hamstring Strain Treatment

  • Treatment for Meniscus Tears

  • Shin Splint Therapy

One other aspect we are sticklers for is posture and biomechanics. This is crucial when treating sports injuries such those from running, and for chronic strain injuries like plantar fasciitis. Just as patients can slowly decondition their tissues from non-activity, patients can also hurt themselves during faulty activity. We utilize Video Analysis to record and playback bio mechanics during walking, running or even standing.  This way we are able to analyze what each joint and limb are doing and we are quickly able to ascertain where postural habits and poor mechanics have caused an injury.

Common After-Surgery Treatment & Therapy

Surgical repairs have to be given the utmost care and attention. Not only do we have to respect for tissue healing time, but the physical therapist must also account for gradual tissue adaptation to exercise. At Stride Strong Physical Therapy, we have several means for reducing surgical pain so the body is better able to heal: we employ the Gameready cold compression delivery system to help with swelling; and we perform various levels of manual therapy to calm muscles down, improve circulation, and decrease scar tissue formation. Some of the most common surgeries we help patients heal from are: Total knee replacements, rotator cuff repairs, lumbar micro discectomies, achilles tendon repairs and vertebral fusions.

Dosing of exercise progression is also paramount to a patient’s healing continuum: too little and we risk prolonging the rehab phase, too much and we risk aggravating the patient’s pain. Our Physical Therapists are experts when it comes to this delicate balance of benefit and harm.  We also make it a point to maintain close communication with orthopedic surgeons and physicians to maximize healing for our patients that are recovering from surgeries.

Directions from Beaverton to Our Nearest Physical Therapy Clinic

Our clinic is located 10 minutes’ car ride from Beaverton city center. Beaverton hosts one of the densest neighborhoods in West Portland is home to numerous Intel and Nike employees.  In fact, our Cedar Mill clinic is only 7 minutes north of the Nike campus, up Murray Blvd, making it very convenient for Nike staff to visit our physical therapists during their lunch or after work.

Our most favorite physicians practice in Beaverton and we hold the following Doctors in high regard:

Dr. Kathy Alvarez MD; General Practitioner.

Dr. Jonathan Crist MD; Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Doctor.

Dr. Vanessa Stas MD; Orthopedic Surgeon.

Dr. Carl Balog MD; Pain Management Specialist.

Driving Directions

From Beaverton, get on the 217 North from SW Canyon Road, take the 26 W and exit NW Murray Blvd. Drive north and turn right onto NW Cornell Road. Our clinic will be on your left-hand side, before reaching the Shell station.

Beaverton, OR, 97005

beaverton central

Aerial view of Beaverton Central MAX Station.



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