These are the top three exercises we prescribe our runners. Before starting any exercise program, we recommend that you get evaluated by a physical therapist first. If you have cardiavascular issues check with your physician first. Scroll down for a video! Single Leg Balance And Reach Stand on one leg and maintain a stable core with pelvis even. Reach towards imaginary objects crossbody. Aim high and aim low.Make sure your leg’s angle is READ MORE [...]
Let’s talk about the last time you interviewed for a new job. Chances are that the first step is sending a reusme or cover letter to your potential employer, and when you passed this first portion, you were then invited for an in-person interview. At this stage, the employer probably asked you to answer a series of questions and to demonstrate your skills through a test or two to see whether you are fit for the job. Just as job recruiters READ MORE [...]
    Before we go into choosing shoes for optimum gait, I have to note a disclaimer here: how well you run has nothing to do with the shoes you wear.  What matters most is how much control, stability, strength a runner has to convert the energy they put in to forward progression. The more energy is wasted on collapsing the knee, foot or hip during a run, the more energy is wasted and NOT going into efficiently contributing to running READ MORE [...]
Physical rehab plays a significant role when anyone goes through surgery as serious as open-heart, hip, or knee replacement. Many make the mistake of brushing off this advice only to suffer later. Regular physical activity is vital for building strength, improving blood circulation, and increasing range of movement, all of which play a massive role in recovery. Usually, the surgeons put their patients in touch with the physical therapist after READ MORE [...]
With running season upon us, and the latest Shamrock Run having been a huge success, you no doubt feel highly motivated to dust off your running shoes and start training for the next year’s race. Running is, after all, great exercise. It boosts circulation and is excellent for cardiovascular health as well. But, if you have been something of a couch potato up until this point, you need to learn to walk before you can run, so to speak. The level READ MORE [...]

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