Bodyweight Workout for Beginners (20-Minute at Home Routine)

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Are you looking for a simple and effective way to get in shape without spending money on gym memberships or equipment? If so, you might want to try a 20-minute bodyweight workout for beginners.
This workout consists of exercises that use your body weight as resistance, such as squats, push-ups, lunges, and planks. You can do these exercises anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace.
All you need is a little space, a timer, and some motivation. Like any typical home workout routine, a 20-minute bodyweight workout has the potential to enhance your strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance.

It can also boost your metabolism, burn calories, and reduce stress. Whether you are new to fitness or just want to spice up your routine, a 20-minute bodyweight workout is a great option for anyone who wants to get fit and healthy at home.

Key Components of the Workout

The 20-minute bodyweight workout for beginners consists of 10 exercises that target different muscle groups and fitness aspects. Here are the exercises and how to perform them:

1. Bodyweight Squats

Bodyweight Squats

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms straight in front of you. Lower your hips until your thighs are parallel to the floor, keeping your chest up and your knees behind your toes.

Push through your heels to stand up and repeat.

2. Push-Ups

Bodyweight Push Up

Start in a plank position with your hands slightly wider than your shoulders and your body in a straight line. Bend your elbows and lower your chest until it is close to the floor, then push yourself back up and repeat.

3. Walking Lunges

Walking Lunges

Step forward with your right leg and lower your body until your right thigh is parallel to the floor and your left knee is hovering above the ground. Keep your torso upright and your front knee behind your toes.

Push off your right foot and bring your left foot forward to complete one rep. Alternate legs and repeat.

4. Dumbbell Rows

Dumbbell Rows

Hold a pair of dumbbells (or any household items of similar weight) in your hands and bend over at the waist with your back flat and your knees slightly bent. Let the dumbbells hang down from your shoulders and pull them up to your chest, squeezing your shoulder blades together.

Lower them back down and repeat.

5. Plank


Assume a plank position by aligning your elbows beneath your shoulders and keeping your body straight. Activate your core muscles and maintain this stance for as much time as you can.

6. Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks

Stand with your feet together and your arms at your sides. Jump and spread your feet apart while raising your arms above your head.

Jump again and bring your feet and arms back to the starting position. Repeat as fast as you can.

7. Bridge

Glute Bridge

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Lift your hips off the ground and squeeze your glutes, forming a straight line from your shoulders to your knees.

Hold this position for a few seconds, then lower your hips and repeat.

8. Knee Push-Up

Knee Push-Ups

Begin with a plank position, with your knees resting on the floor. Ensure that your body forms a straight line from head to toe.

Proceed by bending your elbows, gradually lowering your chest in proximity to the floor. Afterward, exert force to push yourself back up, and then repeat the process.

9. Side-Lying Hip Abduction

Sidelying Hip

Lie on your right side with your legs stacked and your right arm under your head. Lift your left leg as high as you can, keeping it straight and your toes pointed forward.

Lower it back down and repeat. Switch sides and do the same with your right leg.

10. Wall Squat

Stand with your back against a wall and your feet about a foot away from the wall. Slide down the wall until your thighs are parallel to the floor and your knees are at a 90-degree angle.

Hold this position for as long as you can. The workout is divided into three circuits, each consisting of four exercises.

You will perform each exercise for 30 seconds, followed by a 15-second rest.

Rest & Rotation Cycle

After completing one circuit, you will rest for one minute before moving on to the next one. The order of the exercises is as follows.

Circuit 1: Bodyweight squats, push-ups, walking lunges, dumbbell rows
Circuit 2: Plank, jumping jacks, bridge, knee push-up
Circuit 3: Side-lying hip abduction, wall squat, bodyweight squats, push-ups

Workout Schedule and Recommendations

Knee Push Ups Workout

To maximize the benefits of the 20-minute bodyweight workout for beginners, aim to incorporate it into your routine 2-3 times a week, with at least one day of rest in between sessions for optimal muscle recovery and growth. Adjusting the intensity and duration of the exercises can be beneficial to accommodate your fitness level and personal goals.

Before starting this new workout regimen, it’s advisable to consult with your doctor, especially if you have any medical conditions or injuries. Seeking medical advice ensures that the workout is safe and appropriate for your specific needs, and your doctor can provide you with any necessary guidance or precautions.

Maintaining proper form during exercise is crucial for preventing injuries and achieving optimal results. To ensure proper form, you can utilize resources like a mirror, video tutorials, or enlist the help of a friend to correct any mistakes.

Lastly, it’s essential to listen to your body and make modifications or stop any exercise that causes pain or discomfort.

Exercise Tips for Beginners

If you are new to fitness, you might feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the idea of working out. However, with some simple tips, you can make your exercise journey more enjoyable and effective.

Set realistic goals

Instead of aiming for perfection or comparing yourself to others, set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. For example, you can aim to complete the 20-minute bodyweight workout three times a week for four weeks and track your progress along the way.

Stay hydrated

Drinking enough water is essential for your health and performance. Water helps regulate your body temperature, lubricate your joints, transport nutrients, and flush out toxins.

Aim to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, and more if you sweat a lot during your workout.

Focus on consistency

The key to getting fit and healthy is to be consistent with your workout routine. Don’t let excuses, distractions, or setbacks stop you from exercising.

Find a time and place that works for you, and stick to it. Remember, every workout counts, no matter how short or easy it is.


Can I modify the exercises in the 20-minute workout to suit my fitness level?

Absolutely! You can modify each exercise to match your current fitness level. For instance, if standard push-ups are too challenging, you can start with knee push-ups. Gradually progress to more challenging variations as your strength and endurance improve.

Is a warm-up necessary before starting the 20-minute bodyweight workout?

Yes, a brief warm-up is important to prepare your muscles and reduce the risk of injury. A 5-minute routine involving light cardio (like jogging in place) and dynamic stretching can effectively warm up your body.

How long should I expect to see results from this workout routine?

Results vary depending on factors like your starting fitness level, consistency, diet, and overall lifestyle. Generally, you may start noticing improvements in strength and endurance within a few weeks.

Can I combine this bodyweight workout with other forms of exercise?

Definitely! Combining this workout with other activities like yoga, swimming, or cycling can create a well-rounded fitness routine and prevent boredom.

Are there any dietary recommendations to complement this workout?

While specific dietary needs vary, a balanced diet rich in protein, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats can support your fitness goals. Staying hydrated and avoiding processed foods also helps.

What should I do if I experience pain during the workout?

A: If you experience pain (not to be confused with normal muscle soreness), it’s important to stop the exercise immediately. Rest and consult a healthcare professional if the pain persists. Listening to your body is key to safe and effective workouts.

Final Words

The 20-minute bodyweight workout for beginners is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a convenient, effective, and cost-free method to get in shape. This routine, comprising exercises like squats, push-ups, lunges, and planks, can be done anywhere at any time, requiring nothing more than a small space, a timer, and your commitment.

Not only does it improve strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance, but it also enhances metabolism, burns calories, and helps reduce stress. Ideal for fitness novices or those wanting to diversify their exercise regimen, this workout is a versatile and accessible option for achieving fitness goals in the comfort of your home.

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