05 Feb 2015

Shoulder pain

Shoulder Impingement If you’ve ever suffered from a case of shoulder pain, you’re in good company. Second only to low back pain in prevalence across the population, roughly one in every three people will have to deal with shoulder impingement at some point in their life. What’s worse- half of those people will continue to report having pain three years later. Don’t become one of these statistics! In this month’s article I’ll give a READ MORE [...]
Understanding the nuances of health insurance is sometimes like trying to decipher inter-planetary orbits ... in Chinese. And yet for majority of us, next to mortgages and student loans, it is a vital part of our finances that we need to budget for. Here, I break down some definitions and some particulars about commercial health insurance that everyone needs to know about. Not All Health Insurance Policies Are Created Equal! ... and they are not READ MORE [...]
02 Dec 2014

Neck Pain

What's the problem? As with low back pain, neck pain can be a result of many different conditions and neck injuries. The good news is that most neck pain is NOT caused by a serious disease. There are a variety of clinical tests and prediction rules to determine the most likely cause of the issue and point us in the right direction. We use the term “mechanical neck pain” to generally describe neck pain coming from a problem with the joints and READ MORE [...]
The knee is one of the most surgically replaced joint in the body. The decision to replace your knee should be made in consultation with your orthopedic surgeon and your physical therapist. It is a pretty involved surgery, that could take a long time to rehab and will cause permanent changes to your body, so the decision should not be made lightly. Usually, indications that you may need a total knee replacement is when: You have extensive READ MORE [...]
07 Oct 2014

Shin Splints

Stride Strong PT’s Formula • Manual therapy, stretching exercises and ASTYM to calm down tight, inflamed tissue. • Strengthen the ankle complex and improve dynamic balance and strength so running and walking is better tolerated. • Modalities to avoid further re-injury of the offending muscle by ways of taping and/or orthotic and shoewear recommendations. Whether the burst of inspiration comes from officially registering for that marathon READ MORE [...]

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