We at Stride Strong Physical Therapy strive to make our patients stronger. Usually deficits and impairments lie with patients having weak or damaged muscles that need to be strengthened for return to walking and running. Your physical therapist will draw upon his/her knowledge of your weaknesses and use a combination of functional and isolated exercises to progress you. But what exactly is the evidence of efficacy between these different types READ MORE [...]
A recent article published in Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy outlined the work of researchers in gathering 974 studies on running gait retraining and found 10 quality studies that support Running Gait Analyses, which are real-time feedback sessions between runner and physical therapist in changing gait and running mechanics: click here for article. Feedback tools used for gait retraining in the articles are identical to what READ MORE [...]
Have you been to the doctor's recently and felt rushed through the appointment? Did you see a assistant instead of your doctor? Did the provider barely look up from their computer? Did you feel like your provider really listened to you? Doctors are overloaded. They are seeing more and more patients due to the fee-for-service model of our healthcare system. The standard time for a primary care visit is 15 minutes, which means you often will get READ MORE [...]
14 May 2015

Running Injuries

  Be it that you are a beginner, expert or veteran runner, we are all made of biological tissues that eventual incur wear and tear. But just how susceptible are you to a running injury? What are the statistics of running injuries out there and what can you do to avoid them?   The Hard Facts: - In a study by Saragiotto et al. it was found that the main consistent risk factor in running-related injuries is previous injury in the last READ MORE [...]
Go to any shoe store and you will see hundreds upon hundreds of designs and purported "functions". Some claim to help you lose weight, some purport to support your feet, some add extra springs and rubber technology to the sole to cushion your stride.  Obviously, there is no one size fits all, and some shoes work well with certain dysfunctions and others are just blatant "snake oil" for shoes that cause a number of foot injuries. Though READ MORE [...]

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