“The Row” exercise for shoulder and neck pain and how many people do it wrong! The Row is an exercise typically prescribed to people who have weak scapular stability. This is typically for people who have neck pain, shoulder pain, postural problems. Strengthening the muscles of the scapula – the middle trapezius and lower trapezius helps with improving posture, pulling back the shoulders for a more upright stance, improves neck alignment, READ MORE [...]
What Brings You to Physical Therapy Today? When you kick off a new project at work, chances are you spend a fair amount of time setting and reviewing goals. These goals help you—and those you’ll be working with—get a clear sense of what you’re looking to achieve and begin to map out a plan of attack. Along with specific goals, you also probably find it helpful to set some key milestones to ensure that you stay on task and to prevent your READ MORE [...]

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