Chronic Pain

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Stride Strong PT’s Formula • Improve posture through a series of gradual stabilization exercises so patient moves away from offending habits and positions that exacerbate pain. • Gradual progression of exercises and manual therapy to desensitize area of pain. • Monitor for fatigue levels, while maintaining the challenge and accountability needed for return to health. If ever there was one thing that we can ALL say we have experienced, READ MORE [...]

Car Accidents

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Car accidents come with a whole lot of trauma to the body - physical and psychological. Even those that didn't suffer internal damage are still wrought with neck pain and back pain so debilitating that it can impede daily function (such as sleep, work and recreational activity) for up to 1 year post-accident. The muscle damage that results from a car accident is different from a muscle strain endured after sport or activity: it is usually long-standing, READ MORE [...]

What is ASTYM therapy

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What is ASTYM? ASTYM is a specialized tool-assisted treatment that works on soft tissue structures such as muscle, tendon, and ligament to promote healing and tissue regeneration, allowing for improved mobility and decreased pain. ASTYM therapy works by allowing your therapist to easily identify dysfunctional tissue and utilize the highly specialized tools to increase blood flow, reduce scar tissue and soft tissue adhesions, thus improving pain and READ MORE [...]
A gait analysis is a session where we analyze your strength, flexibility, running form and gait, along with history of previous running injuries to appropriately assess where your strengths and weaknesses pertaining to your running performance.  We are able to recognize where your running faults are and where you may be prone to injury.  We offer exercises and suggestions on how to can change your form, your gear, and your training to make you a READ MORE [...]
What are bunions? Bunions (medical term "hallux valgus") are formed when the big toe drifts in the direction of the second toe, forming a painful and abnormal joint angle. Similarly bunionettes are formed when the 'pinky' toe drifts in the direction of the big toe. Bunions are sometimes quite painful, especially when bony enlargements form as a result of the strain at the joint. Bunions often cause increased calluses and blisters joint area because READ MORE [...]

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