Have you been to the doctor's recently and felt rushed through the appointment? Did you see a assistant instead of your doctor? Did the provider barely look up from their computer? Did you feel like your provider really listened to you? Doctors are overloaded. They are seeing more and more patients due to the fee-for-service model of our healthcare system. The standard time for a primary care visit is 15 minutes, which means you often will get READ MORE [...]
14 May 2015

Running Injuries

  Be it that you are a beginner, expert or veteran runner, we are all made of biological tissues that eventual incur wear and tear. But just how susceptible are you to a running injury? What are the statistics of running injuries out there and what can you do to avoid them?   The Hard Facts: - In a study by Saragiotto et al. it was found that the main consistent risk factor in running-related injuries is previous injury in the last READ MORE [...]
Go to any shoe store and you will see hundreds upon hundreds of designs and purported "functions". Some claim to help you lose weight, some purport to support your feet, some add extra springs and rubber technology to the sole to cushion your stride.  Obviously, there is no one size fits all, and some shoes work well with certain dysfunctions and others are just blatant "snake oil" for shoes that cause a number of foot injuries. Though READ MORE [...]
05 Feb 2015

Shoulder pain

Shoulder Impingement If you’ve ever suffered from a case of shoulder pain, you’re in good company. Second only to low back pain in prevalence across the population, roughly one in every three people will have to deal with shoulder impingement at some point in their life. What’s worse- half of those people will continue to report having pain three years later. Don’t become one of these statistics! In this month’s article I’ll give a READ MORE [...]
Understanding the nuances of health insurance is sometimes like trying to decipher inter-planetary orbits ... in Chinese. And yet for majority of us, next to mortgages and student loans, it is a vital part of our finances that we need to budget for. Here, I break down some definitions and some particulars about commercial health insurance that everyone needs to know about. Not All Health Insurance Policies Are Created Equal! ... and they are not READ MORE [...]

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