Goals for any dynamic warmup: Increase core body temperature for increased blood flow and improved muscle flexibility. Dynamic movements that increase ROM and movement of the lower extremity, commonly utilized in sports. Activation of hip and trunk muscles in weight bearing positions to prepare for sports. Training specific. Following is an example of our sequence of dynamic warmups. The whole routine should take no longer than 10-15 READ MORE [...]
Wondering what races are worthwhile into looking to for 2017? We compiled a list of the most popular and up-and-coming races near Portland and Beaverton for the first half of 2017. These races are all within the city and within 30 min driving radius from the heart of Portland. Portland Races Spring 2017 (January to May) Worst Day of The Year Run Saturday January 28th 2017 Website: http://regtorace.com/event/151 Info: The 5 and 10K course READ MORE [...]
The Facts About ACL Tears And ACL Injuries: 70% of all ACL injuries are non-contact injuries High school and collegiate female athletes are 3-4 times more likely to suffer an ACL injury, and 6 times more likely to suffer a second ACL injury in the other leg than male athletes. Each ACL tear results in $25,000 to $40,000 in surgery and rehab healthcare dollars. ACL tears, even after surgery and rehab, predisposes the knee to premature READ MORE [...]
  Fall is upon us and winter is just around the corner. The changing of the weather usually signals the coming of the holiday season. TV news reporters warn viewers of driving safety, and taking flu shots. But below are some tips and pointers to think about that are more related to physical therapy:   1) If you have arthritis, you will hurt more as the weather turns colder. There are no definitive studies that prove that READ MORE [...]
01 Aug 2016

PRP Injections

As physical therapists, we try our best to rehabilitate our patients by working on our patients' strength, range of motion and posture. However, there are times when the patients' tissue damage is extensive that physical therapy progress plateaus. At this point, we have to consider other options and refer our patients to specialists or back to their orthopedic surgeon.   If surgery is not deemed an option, or if our patient is very adverse READ MORE [...]

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